2016 Annual Appeal

DonatebuttonDear Fellow Filmgoer,

What a year and what a festival! I have so many wonderful memories of this past year: Dancing to Cuban music after the screening of Buena Vista Social Club, laughing at Monty Python with a packed house of fans, listening to famed director Robert Benton reminisce about working with Dustin Hoffman, and watching animated, fantastic cartoon images come to life on the buildings all around us, courtesy of VJ Suave.

I think about all of these moments and many others, and I am so thankful! None of these events would have happened without the community’s support.

I also think about how far we’ve come. Nearly forty years ago, five young film enthusiasts decided to start a theater in Waterville so that they could bring the movies they loved to Maine, and thanks to your generous gifts, the program has grown tremendously. A lot has happened since that time – cafes have come and gone, the screens have multiplied from one to three, the seats have gotten more comfortable, and the parking lot is no longer a crater-filled mess when it rains. For nineteen years, we’ve hosted people from around the world for ten amazing days of films and a chance to mingle with actors and directors, renew acquaintances, and celebrate cinema. Four years ago, we created the Maine Film Center to bring the cinema and MIFF under one, more efficient structure.

We continue to need your support. Ticket sales are not enough to cover the expenses of operating the only art film house in Central Maine. We need your help to ensure the films, events, and unique experiences we provide continue to enrich the film community. I’m asking you to give generously to the Maine Film Center. And before you do, take a moment to reflect on what Railroad Square Cinema, MIFF, and having an independent film center have meant to you. For me, the Maine Film Center is an essential piece of our wonderful community. I know you feel the same way.

My best, and save me a seat!

Uri Signature
Uri Lessing
Board President, Maine Film Center

PS: Just remember, when you watch a DVD or Blu-Ray at home you are just watching a movie. But when you watch a film at Railroad Square Cinema with an audience of fellow film lovers, you create a community.



Maine Film Center in the news! MIFF and Railroad Square Cinema were recently highlighted in the Making Movies 2017 edition of Moviemaker Magazine: “The Maine International Film Festival is an oasis of programming perfection in Northern New England…MIFF’s home of Waterville is a sleepy yet culturally vibrant central Maine city of 15K that at first glance seems an unlikely cinema stronghold, but boasts one of the country’s finest independent movie theaters, the Railroad Square Cinema.” Read the full article here.



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