20th Century Women

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Academy Award Nominee for Best Original Screenplay!

“Despite being set in the late 1970s, 20th Century Women feels like the perfect movie for this moment”—Sara Stewart, NY Post. “Annette Bening may be on her way to an Oscar for 20th Century Women, based on director Mike Mills’ (Beginners) own equally colorful mother. As Dorothea, a chain-smoking first-wave feminist struggling to raise her teenage son, Jamie, alone in late-’70s Santa Barbara, she chooses the road less traveled. Or at least a house more crowded, filling their ramshackle Victorian with boarders—including Greta Gerwig’s cherry-haired photographer and Billy Crudup’s lost-soul handyman—who become friends, lovers, and surrogate parents, not always deliberately or in that order. Plotwise, Women is a wisp; as a mood piece, though, it’s almost irresistibly rich. Mills, who began his career in music videos, saturates the soundtrack with underground icons (one of the movie’s best scenes turns on a heated Black Flag–vs.–Talking Heads debate) and captures the shaggy, sun-dappled essence of ’70s Southern California in nearly every frame—a wry, tender tribute not just to a beloved parent, but a lost era. “Funny, emotionally piercing”—Manohla Dargis, NY Times. R. 118 Min.