40th Anniversary Celebration: Seven Beauties, Casablanca and more!

40th Anniversary Celebration: Seven Beauties, Casablanca and more!


Friday, October 5
4:00 Seven Beauties
6:30 Rough cut screening of Michael McDade's new film!
7:30 Casablanca


Happy birthday to us! We’re 40 years old on Oct. 5 and so Railroad Square, now that we’re nearing middle age, are throwing ourselves a big bash to celebrate! There’ll be all kinds of fun, memorabilia, FREE POPCORN, surprises and, not surprisingly, MOVIES! In fact, we’ll celebrate the day with the first two movies we ever screened at the theater in October of 1978… and a premiere first look at a brand new movie shot this year by Director Michael McDade about Railroad Square! Join the celebration—and the start of our NEXT 40 years!

4:00 SEVEN BEAUTIES—New DCP restoration!

Italian director Lina Wertmüller, whose Swept Away was one of the biggest arthouse hits of the mid ‘70s, reached even greater critical success with her wildly original SEVEN BEAUTIES, with an unprecedented four Oscar nominations including Best Actor—and making Wertmüller the first woman EVER to be nominated for a Best Director Oscar! A kind of Pilgrim’s Non-progress following 1940s-era small-time, big-eyed schemer Pasqualino from the streets of Naples to a German concentration camp presided over by a female comandante, SEVEN BEAUTIES  is “at once ruthless, sadistic and cynical—it’s also very funny, using its black comedy trappings to unearth laughs where none should exist” (Creative Loafing); “one of the great films in the canon of cinema and deserves all the accolades it received upon release, and now” (Bill Ginron, DVD/Talk). In Italian and German with English subtitles. R. 115 Min.

6:30 First look at a new film about Railroad Square Cinema by Director Michael McDade (Free admission!)

7:30 CASABLANCA—DCP print!

“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!” And so, with the nonpareil 1943 masterpiece starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, Railroad Square got started in style! In this new 2K DCP print, the exotic world of Casablanca, Morocco was the was he home of Bogart, cynical proprietor of Rick’s Café American, who falls in love with Bergman’s refugee, married to a resistance leader—but in love with Rick. Full of intrigue, suspense, romance, humor and genuine idealism (and some of the greatest movie lines ever written!) Casablanca is, in many ways, the film that defines both Hollywood and this country at their historic—and mythic—best. PG. 102 Min.