45 Years

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Academy Award Nominee:
Best Actress (Charlotte Rampling)!

Best Actress of the Year, Charlotte Rampling, Los Angeles and Boston Film Critics Associations. “A triumph. A powerful and brilliant look at marriage and what it means to love someone over many years”—BBC. “All the things a seemingly happy couple have and haven’t shared with each other after nearly half a century of marriage come to a head in a single week in this elegant, affecting drama. It begins when strange news comes to Geoff (Tom Courtenay) days before he and Kate (Charlotte Rampling) are set to celebrate their 45th anniversary: The body of a girlfriend killed more than 50 years ago in a Swiss hiking accident has been found almost perfectly preserved in an Alpine glacier, sending his mind reeling backwards in time….Checked emotions roil beneath the surface of nearly every scene and in the unspoken answers to all the questions—why the pair never had children, whether they really know each other at all—that neither wants to ask….Rampling, in a quiet, beautifully calibrated performance completely stripped of actressy tricks, is a revelation”—Entertainment Weekly. R. 95 Min.