A United Kingdom

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“David Oyelowo (SELMA) gives one of his best and most electrifying performances in A UNITED KINGDOM. Based on the Susan Williams book Colour Bar, director Amma Asante’s drama is a true story. Oyelowo plays Seretse Khama, heir to the kingdom of Bechuanaland (later Botswana). When we first meet him, in 1947, this king-in-the-making is studying at Oxford, dressing posh and falling in love with Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike, sublimely subtle), a London office clerk. She’s white. He is not. When Seretse proposes, both families object. When they marry, Ruth’s father threatens to disown her; Seretse’s uncle, who’s been serving as regent in his nephew’s absence, advises him to abdicate. All is lost, until it isn’t….It’s the blend of history and palpable humanity in Asante’s film that keeps us enthralled….It’s a tender love story that never goes soft on its provocations. It’s a defiant cry from the heart”—Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. PG-13. 111 Min.