Adrienne Beacham: Monstrology
December 5-February 11

BeachamOpening reception: December 5, 6-8 p.m.
at Railroad Square Cinema, 17 Railroad Square, Waterville

Artist statement:
it’s about spontaneous discovery through piecemeal play.
it’s about intimate relationships with materials.
it’s about textures, colors, patterns, and shapes.
it’s about balancing chaos and control.
it’s about revelations through scribbling.
it’s about meditation.
it’s about treasure hunting and being a pirate, all-the-while uncovering and hoarding wealthy gems in hidden places.
it’s about the piling of these precious elements to create a new special object.
it’s about merging childhood and adult experiences/perspectives.
it’s about the re-creation of a constant self.
it’s about life’s passing transitions and cycles, holding within them currents of ever-and- always the same.
it’s about fears and desires.
it’s about fnding comfort.
it’s about patching things together.
it’s about messiness and the loveliness of messes.
it’s about inner child purity, and how to harness that as an adult.
Monstrology is a selection of mixed media prints belonging to larger body of multimedia work entitled On the Origin of Plushies.  In its entirety, On the Origin of Plushies consists of both sculptural and 2-dimensional re-iterations of early childhood scribblings and memories.  A slew of monsters assume the role of bringing various aspects of this realm of life into view.  Their forms, personalities, and motivations change with each manifestation, leading me to conduct a perpetual, spontaneous investigation of their existence and all they represent.  Equally serious and whimsical, my sprawling process is fueled by 2D-to-3D-to-2D creation cycles, the stitching together of distinct media, and intense emotional/psychological probings.  The 15 prints in Monstrology are a fraction of my contemplative and playful studies.
Adrienne Beacham