All Is Lost

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“ALL IS LOST is that mainstream-movie rarity: a virtually wordless film that speaks with grave eloquence and simplicity about the human condition. Nothing here feels fancy or extraneous, least of all Robert Redford’s superb performance, in which the clearly invigorated actor holds the viewer’s attention merely by wincing, scowling, troubleshooting and yelling the occasional expletive…ALL IS LOST finds writer-director J.C. Chandor decisively avoiding the sophomore slump with a picture that could scarcely be more different from his 2011 debut, MARGIN CALL. An impressively spare, nearly dialogue-free stranded-at-sea drama that strips characterization down to basic survival instinct, this emotionally resonant cinematic marvel is a one-man showcase for Redford, whose character has been on a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean for quite some time, and it’s a measure of his sailing experience that he reacts with more irritation than panic when he awakens one morning to find that a random shipping container has collided with his boat, ripping a gash in its hull…”—Justin Chang, Variety. PG-13. 106 Min.