Amazing Grace

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“A time capsule that’s as fresh and powerful an experience as it must have been when recorded live in Watts in 1972, Amazing Grace is arguably one of the year’s most-anticipated films, arriving after years of litigation and a near-fatal technical glitch that was resolved thanks to digital workflows. Aretha Franklin, after a string of successful singles, decided to return to her roots singling gospel in church accompanied by the Southern California Gospel Choir and the Reverend James Cleveland… Amazing Grace offers a profound emotional experience, combining testimony with soul music. This is a toe-tapping, head-bouncing, full-blooded concert film, and it feels as fresh as it might have been seen had it come out in the summer of 1972. At the center is a powerful and captivating spiritual performance that brings the house down and attracts the likes of Mick Jagger to observe. Before the first night of her performance, Reverend Cleveland tells the audience that you don’t have to believe to feel the spirit–a spirit that rips through the screen and pulsates through the sound system. The result is a sublime concert film and a great performance” —Film Stage. Unrated. G. 87 Min.