Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Academy Award Nominee:
Best Animated Feature Film!

“Ever since his mind-bending screenwriting debut with 1999’s BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, Charlie Kaufman has reigned as Hollywood’s most playful storyteller…Kaufman movies such as 2002’s ADAPTATION and 2004’s ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND have withstood the test of time. They’re strange, yes. But strangely touching, too. In ANOMALISA, he’s telling his tale through a groovy version of stopmotion animation… British actor David Thewlis provides the voice of Michael Stone, a lonely middle-aged motivational speaker who flies to Cincinnati to rally a crowd of customer-service drones at a conference.… Then he bumps into a female fan, who’s…different. Her name is Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), and even though she’s the first to admit that she’s nothing special in either the personality or looks department, the fact that she sounds like no one else enchants him in a way he can’t explain…. ANOMALISA is a staggeringly inventive Trojan horse of a film. It dazzles our senses with a shock of the new. And while we’re trying to process what we’re witnessing, he’s slyly and subversively getting us to grapple with life’s bigger and thornier questions—questions about love and happiness, selfishness and commitment, and most of all, whether we’re content to walk numbly through our daily lives or instead be alive to its infinitely strange and beautiful possibilities.”—Entertainment Weekly. R. 90 Min.