Art in the Lobby: Time in Place

The Forks, 129 DaysJohanna Moore
Time in Place: Solargraphs & Pinhole Camera images of the Kennebec River
April 2-May 10

Opening Reception:
Thursday, April 2, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Catered by Barrels Community Market; Wine tasting by Meridians

Artist Statement:

Born to craftsmen, I grew up surrounded by artists and makers. I was always encouraged to work with my hands, to observe the world with fresh vision and enthusiasm, and to fearlessly experiment with new ideas.

In my youth I worked in Philadelphia behind the scenes painting murals for performance artists, production houses, and interiors. By trade, I am a gilder and frame maker for artists, designers, collectors, and museums. The artwork I create is mostly project based.  Painted, printed, delineated, carved, or photographed, I produce bodies of work based on either a singular or series of ideas and inspirations.

The images in this exhibit come from the series of Solargraphs and pinhole camera photographs I produced along the Kennebec River in 2014.  Beginning at the summer solstice, I set out 120 pinhole cameras along the entire length of the Kennebec River in Maine, from Indian Pond to Phippsburg, and left them out for about 4 months to capture the sun on its daily transit across the sky. As my husband, David Keef, and I traveled the river I took large and medium format and stereo pinhole photographs of the Kennebec and its tributaries.

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