Before You Know It

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“Before You Know It is the story of a family that lives above a small community theater that they own in New York City. It’s a comedic drama about a clan of creatives: patriarch and has-been playwright Mel (Mandy Patinkin); his oldest daughter, Jackie (Jen Tullock, whose comedic performance shines), a quirky actress stuck in adolescence and single mother of a 12 year-old named Dodge; and Jackie’s sister, Rachel (Hannah Pearl Utt, who also directed and co-wrote this true indie production!), the only real grown-up in the family, who holds the family and the theater together and has just a few control issues. Their lives and livelihood revolve around the theater and putting on its mediocre plays, and when Mel’s death reveals the mother they thought was dead is actually alive, Rachel and Jackie are forced out of their comfort zone and onto their own belated coming-of-age journeys in their 30s. Part of the reason Before You Know It is so entertaining is that it feels very familiar, yet the specificity of the world of the family established here elevates the film into something we haven’t seen before. It’s a drama that takes up serious subjects like death and abandonment but is also very funny, not because of punchlines but because of candor” —Beandrea July, Hollywood Reporter. Also with Alec Baldwin. Unrated. 98 Min.