Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike play foreign-service officers trying to rescue a colleague in Brad Anderson’s political thriller. A hostage rescue story set in the middle of the Lebanese civil war, Brad Anderson’s Beirut offers Jon Hamm as a different kind of persuasion merchant, trying to negotiate a friend’s release before more powerful men decide he’s not worth trying to keep alive. Increasingly tense and benefiting from a well-thought-out script by Tony Gilroy, it finds a slim opening for heroics in a place where all parties are tainted. Though not a sure thing commercially, it will play well with fans of John le Carre-sourced films. Hamm’s Mason Skiles begins the film as a happy diplomat in 1972 Beirut, schmoozing with other Americans and confident he understands the messy politics of the region. But a shocking incident, which suggests he doesn’t know as much as he thinks, leaves both his life and his career a wreck. Ten years later, he’s a drunk earning a living by mediating labor disputes. He has a knack for seeing through each party’s bluffs and knowing what they’re willing to settle for once passions subside. What better place for him than back in the Middle East? He is summoned to his old post mysteriously, where he is told that his old friend and colleague Cal (Mark Pellegrino) has been kidnapped. Strangely, his captors have asked specifically for Skiles to negotiate his return…” —The Hollywood Reporter. R. 109 Min.