Beneath The Harvest Sky

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“Heartbreakingly authentic” (Variety), BENEATH THE HARVEST SKY, shot and set in Aroostook County, may be the finest fiction film made in Maine in recent years. From the creators of THE WAY WE GET BY, the documentary about the Bangor troop greeters, “documentary filmmakers Gita Pullapilly and Aron Gaudet have made their first foray into fiction features with the gripping and realistic drama. If this film is any indicator of their talents, they have long filmmaking careers ahead of them. Beneath the Harvest Sky tells the story of the young residents of a small town in northern Maine. It’s beautiful country, but with few economic prospects beyond a few agricultural outfits and cross-border drug smuggling, the town is dying out, leaving its young people short on opportunities. The film focuses on two kids, best friends Dominic and Casper. One doesn’t have a father in the picture, but has a mother who encourages him to work hard, to better himself. The other has barely any relationship at all with his mother, and a father who doesn’t take a real interest in him until he displays some drug-smuggling aptitude. In their final year of high school, the boys use an abandoned home as their headquarters and party in an old quarry—all the time, planning and plotting their way to leaving their hometown in the rearview mirror before they get sucked in permanently.”—Pam Fossens, Pretty Clever Movies. Unrated. 116 Min.