Bring It to the Table

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Somewhere along the line, politics replaced sex as the one thing we can’t discuss in mixed company.  Bring It to the Table breaks that taboo. When Julie Winokur’s 17-year old son called her the most politically intolerant person she had ever met, she knew she had to prove him wrong. In this humorous, thought-provoking film, Winokur hits the road with a small star-spangled table, traveling across America on a mission to understand the roots of personal politics and bridge the partisan divide. Bring It is sparkling conversations across the country, empowering people to take an active role in breaking down hyper-partisanship at the ground level, citizen-to-citizen.

The film is being screened in conjunction with the Thomas Nevola, MD Symposium on Spirituality and Health, Civil Discourse: The Outward and Inward Work of Bridging Divides and Finding Peace in the Face of Differences, which will take place (with separate registration) the next day. Visit for more information. There will be a period of dialogue with the audience and several Nevola Symposium presenters following the film. Suggested donation $5.00. Unrated. 40 Min.