Celeste and Jesse Forever

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

One of the big discoveries of this year’s Sundance Film Festival! “We meet Rashida Jones’ (The Office, Parks & Recreation) Celeste and Andy Samberg’s (Saturday Night Live) Jesse as they start taking the meaning of the title to a whole new level, maintaining a deep and affectionate friendship despite the fact that they’re ending their six-year marriage. That might seem like a preposterous or overly quirky concept– the anti-romantic comedy, you could say– but Celeste & Jesse really sells it from the beginning, letting us see Celeste and Jesse’s easy rapport and inside jokes before we realize they’ve already split up. Their goal of an easy divorce and a continued friendship is impossible, of course, but they’re both trying to be good to each other, something that’s rare enough in actual romantic comedies, much less stories of divorce. Featuring memorable supporting turns from Emma Roberts (as a tarted-up pop star) and Elijah Wood as Celeste’s gay coworker. We could have waited a long time for someone else to write a female character as fucked-up and funny and endearing as Celeste, but it took two actors who’ve played all the bad roles out there to finally create one for Jones that’s this good.”—Slant. R. 89 Min.