Cinema Explorations: Holy Air

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Cinema Explorations winter film series
Single tickets $9, Students $5

Adam is a Christian Arab in Nazareth—a vanishing minority within a minority in the Holy Land. His wife Lamia runs a foundation for women’s rights. Learning that Lamia is pregnant and his father very ill, Adam realizes he has not achieved much. Despite his prior businesses failing, he makes a last-ditch effort to make it big. What could be better to sell in the Holy Land than the very air the Virgin Mary breathed during her annunciation? But in order to successfully market it he needs to find allies from the three cultures ruling over Nazareth—Jewish politicians, the Muslim mafia, and Catholic church officials. In a politically unstable world where religion is just another commodity, can Holy Air be Adam’s salvation or is it just an illusion? In Hebrew, Arabic, English, Italian, and French with English subtitles. Unrated. 81 minutes.