Dirty Wars

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“Jeremy Scahill’s documentary DIRTY WARS is a game-changing, mind-blowing film. In it, Scahill, the Nation’s investigative journalist, and director Rick Rowley expose the covert undeclared war America is waging around the globe—“hidden in plain sight”—purportedly to wipe out terrorism. To judge by some shocking footage from Somalia of “collateral damage” from drone strikes, the lives of non-whites seem especially expendable. DIRTY WARS is artful and svelte, as well as explosive, and lasts not a minute too long. This is partly due to the charismatic presence of Scahill himself onscreen as a dogged searcher after truth. By bringing viewers into the process of his quest, DIRTY WARS assumes the tantalizing shape of a mystery thriller as compelling as any feature film….His digging leads him to conclude that the U.S. has fundamentally changed the way it makes war”—Erica Abeel, Huffington Post. Unrated, 90 Min.