Don’t Think Twice

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“A smart, wistful and very funny movie….Written, directed by and featuring Mike Birbiglia (“Sleepwalk With Me”), the movie focuses on The Commune, whose six members have been making live comedy together in Manhattan for 11 years. In their 30s, they mostly still live like college students, waiting to get their big break. But when news comes that their longtime theater is about to be shuttered, it ruptures the group. And when one hits the improv jackpot and joins the cast of “Weekend Live” (a “Saturday Night Live” clone), the others struggle with unexpected competitiveness and resentment. Birbiglia wisely cast his movie with comedy pros rather than A-list names. You immediately accept The Commune as a real-life troupe, with all the nervous energy, whip-quick reactions and constant jostling for attention as any group of performers brings.  Great improv, says a character at one point, is like “watching people put the plane together while already in the sky.” Great movies are like that, too — when there’s a sense that the characters’ lives are playing out in front of us, in real time, and we have no idea what might come next. That’s the case with “Don’t Think Twice,” which ultimately becomes a gentle meditation on late-blooming coming-of-age. You begin the movie with six strangers; you end it, changed, with six friends”—Seattle Times. R. 92 Min.