Embrace Of The Serpent

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

A 2016 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film! And when you see EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT, you’ll immediately see why: “Ciro Guerra’s fourth feature dives deep into the Amazonian jungle. His visually stunning Embrace of the Serpent tells two parallel stories and focuses on four main characters—two botanists, an Amazonian native and a shaman—and the clash between the seemingly civilized botanists and the natives. Guerra has created a fever dream with a sense of melancholy for a forgotten world. Yet amid all the jungle’s lush greenery, the 34-year-old native Colombian chose to film in black and white, inspired by the journals and photographs of the early 20th century explorer Theodor Koch-Grunberg. “These black-and-white plates show a lost world, an Amazon that doesn’t exist anymore,” says Guerra. The film started as a journey into the unknown, which is how it starts for the audience as well”—Hollywood Reporter. In Spanish and Amazonian with English subtitles. Unrated. 122 Min.