Fading Gigolo

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Woody Allen returns to the screen in “his biggest and best on screen role in years” in this charming new comedy from director and co-star John Turturro. “It may not be an act of enormous modesty, but director John Turturro’s decision to cast himself as an astonishingly-gifted male prostitute proves a good call in this comedy curio, the most charming film at Toronto this year. The rest of the casting is similarly off-key: a mild-mannered florist, Fioravante (Turturro) is pimped out impromptu by his friend, failing bookstore owner Allen. Fioravante’s first client: Allen’s dermatologist, played by Sharon Stone, on fruitcake form, forever knocking back shots in her penthouse, giving callers the full Basic Instinct and snuggling up to girlfriend Sofia Vergara, who also samples Fioravante’s wares…Turturro has given Allen his biggest and best on-screen turn in years: the part was written for him and it’s full of scope for aimble kvetching and nimble slapstick. He makes the 77-year-old young again, stuttering out irresponsible wisdom…”—Chatherine Shoard, The Guardian. R. 98 Min.