Gloria Bell

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“Director Sebastián Lelio’s latest film, “Gloria Bell,” begs the question: Can moviegoers have too much of a good thing? This new picture is a near beat for beat remake of his 2013 critical darling “Gloria” — one of Rotten Tomatoes’s best-reviewed titles of all time… After all, if it ain’t broke? But if there’s one element here to pique viewers’ interest, it’s Lelio’s casting of Julianne Moore as the eponymous heroine. Moore is one of only a handful of women on the planet capable of delivering the nuance, depth, and texture to match Gloria 1.0’s (Paulina García) pitch-perfect performance.

“Gloria (Julianne Moore) is a divorcee in her mid-fifties who lives alone (aside from a pesky cat who keeps sneaking into her apartment). Her adult children don’t have time for her, and they pay her little mind when they do get together. Watching Gloria’s kids ignore their mom stings since she has such a beautiful spirit; she’s always singing, smiling, and showing consideration for others. So, the single-lady keeps her spirits high by going out to clubs and dancing the night away. One night while on the dance floor, she meets Arnold (John Turturro), a recently separated man who is enraptured by her, and the two start dating. Unlike Gloria, he is new to the dating world, and Arnold’s ties to his old life keep their relationship from gaining traction. Gloria then must decide whether to continue down this bumpy road with Arnold or move on… A brilliant lead performance from Moore, dreamy score, and inspiring message make “Gloria Bell” one of the year’s most enjoyable movies.” —Victor Stiff, The Playlist. Unrated. 102 Min.