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3 Academy Award Nominations including Best Actress!

Natalie Portman is this year’s Best Actress frontrunner for her astonishing incarnation of Jackie Kennedy in this equally astonishing film. “Maybe you’re thinking the last thing you want to see is a TV-movie–ish take on the life of Jacqueline Kennedy. Good news. JACKIE is not a damn thing like that. There’s hardly a conventional biopic minute in it. Instead, you get a spellbinding look at one of the planet’s most famous women through the prism of what happens right after her husband is assassinated and she cradles his bullet-shattered head in her lap. Let me mention right of the gate that Natalie Portman, in a performance that tops her Oscar-winning role in Black Swan, will floor you with her tour de force as the former First Lady. The iconic look, the breathy voice and the strictly correct posture are suggested but never crassly imitated. Still, if you ever wondered about the steel that Jackie forged through personal tragedy and intense public scrutiny, it’s on display here in an electrifying portrayal that nails every nuance. Directed by the Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín (Neruda, No), in his first English-language feature, JACKIE is a mesmeric conjecture on an intensely reserved woman pushed to the limit by politics, family, grief and her own conflicted sense of self….Powered by a transfixing Portman, Larrain’s film —one of the year’s best—is appropriately hard to pin down and impossible to forget”—Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. R. 100 Min.