Land Ho!

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“How to convey the magic of this oldsters-unbound comedy without making it sound like The Bucket List? The premise is an eye-roller: Two old buddies reconnect on a death-be-damned Range Rover trek across mountainous Iceland. But boldness and an indie eye go a long way toward redemption…Extending the trip invite, Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson), a booming, rascally Kentuckian who chafes at retirement, refuses to take no from Colin (Paul Eenhoorn), his soft-spoken former brother-in-law, still stinging from the unraveling of his second marriage…But it’s on the road—first in Reykjavíík’s best restaurants, then in the beautifully shot countryside, where hot springs and younger eye candy await—that the duo blooms into a perfectly calibrated chuckle machine. Both actors are superb, insinuating a spirit of youth without hammering the nostalgia. Their adventures take some expected turns, but mainly, LAND HO! avoids schmaltz to get at that rarest of male timber: rekindled hearts”—Time Out. R. 95 Min.