Leaning Into the Wind

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“Andy Goldsworthy (RIVERS AND TIDES) makes art where he finds it — in decaying forests, in snow-covered fields, on streets where he might lie down just as a light rain is beginning. It is natural art — made of wood, clay, leaves, flower-petals spewed into the air, and stone — “site-specific” and often mind-bogglingly ephemeral, and not just the wet street he might decorate with what looks like his dry spot. He’s world-famous for his stone carvings and assemblages, fallen trees that he covers with yellow leaves, in season, snowballs when winter comes. LEANING INTO THE WIND follows the artist from rural Brazil, admiring the sturdy, hand-built houses, the care with which an old woman patches and polishes a homemade floor out of clay and “bull-s–t,” to the fields and hills of his home in Scotland, to the stone walls overrun with forest in the hills of New Hampshire. The objects he assembles or carves out of stone will outlive him, but it’ll only be a hint of the mind that saw beauty in the destruction, decay and rebirth that nature itself was creating all around him.” —Roger Moore, Movie Nation. Unrated. 93 Min.