Love Is All You Need

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“Pierce Brosnan has given critics something to smile about. He stars in the innocuously-titled but gloriously enjoyable LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, the latest film from the Danish director Susanne Bier, whose considerably more sober thriller IN A BETTER WORLD won the foreign language Oscar in 2011. Brosnan plays Philip, a widower who is hosting his son’s wedding at his villa in Sorrento. Also in attendance is the mother of the bride, Ida (Trine Dyrholm), a cancer survivor who has just completed a course of chemotherapy but is still awaiting the final all-clear. As they make the final preparations for their offspring’s nuptials, the flames of love start to catch. Bier’s film is not an out-and-out romantic comedy so much as a romance with some very funny moments, although the wedding backdrop and holiday setting are both strong reminders of MAMMA MIA. Brosnan looks as if he might be about to burst into song at any moment: imagine how delightful it is whenever he doesn’t. Just as the postcard-perfect setting has some chipped plaster and faded paint around its edges, so Bier’s photogenic characters all have their own sadnesses and vulnerabilities to bear. Anders Thomas Jensen’s script, which is just about equal parts English and Danish, is packed with humour that springs from recognisable human foibles, and Brosnan and Dyrholm have fizzingly good chemistry together.  LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED has been made for an audience rarely catered for by the film industry: intelligent adults who enjoy perceptive and good-hearted drama”—The Telegraph. In English and in Danish and Italian with English subtitles. R. 116 Min.