Malcolm X

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Part of the “Revolutions” film series in 35mm at the Waterville Opera House!
“The much-hyped “Malcolm X” happens to be a spiritually enriching testament to the human capacity for change—and surely Spike Lee’s most universally appealing film. The civil rights leader, as eloquently portrayed by Denzel Washington, emerges as an immensely likable human being—a onetime black separatist who overcame his own prejudices. Still, this biopic will ruffle a few white feathers—and probably a few black ones too; that’s a given—but “Malcolm X” addresses itself to all Americans, reminding us none too gently with its opening footage of the Rodney King beating that the work is never done”—Rita Kempley, Washington Post. NY Film Critics Best Actor Award to Washington, as well as Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. R. 201 Min. 1992.