Nocturnal Animals

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Likely Oscar Contender!

3 Golden Globe Nominations: Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay

“L.A. gallerist Susan (Amy Adams) is spoiled for privilege and starving for everything else: Her husband (Armie Hammer) can hardly stand to touch her, her art-world friendships are about as intimate as an air kiss, and her daughter is far away at school. So when a galley from her novelist ex-husband, Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal), arrives in the mail, she slips between her 1,000-thread-count sheets and falls into his story: it’s a vicious cat-and-mouse involving a young family, a roving band of murderous hillbillies, and a carjacking gone wrong on a lonely Texas road. What this all has to do with Susan’s life now or her marriage to Edward isn’t immediately clarified, though it does allow for vivid turns by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (as the gang’s drawling, dead-eyed leader) and Michael Shannon (as a Marlboroman sheriff with a brilliantly bone-dry line delivery). Director Tom Ford is clearly a cinephile, and elements of other auteurs are all over ANIMALS: the sexmad decadence of Brian De Palma, the formal control of Hitchcock, surreal dabs of David Lynch-ian grotesque. It’s a fantastic beast of a film, intoxicating and strange”—Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly. “Ford hits it out of the park in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, a stunning film noir”—Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. R. 117 Min.