Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“Adam Driver gives one of the loveliest and least likely to be rewarded performances of the year in PATERSON. Why least likely, you ask? Because Driver’s indelibly moving portrayal is so lived-in and lyrical you hardly recognize it as acting. He plays Paterson, a poet who drives a bus in the New Jersey city of Paterson….Written and directed with grit and amazing grace by indie icon Jim Jarmusch—hard to believe it’s been 32 years since his breakthrough film Stranger Than Paradise—his latest film takes its good, sweet time working its way into your mind and heart. But when it does, you’re a goner. Jarmusch lets us hang for a week with Paterson as he lies in bed with his lady love Laura (the gifted Iranian actress and musician Golshifteh Farahani), a wannabe country singer with a knack for designing cupcakes, and drives his bus and catches an after-work beer at a local bar….This film, one of the year’s best, inspires us to look closer at the world around us. Jarmusch’s quiet spellbinder is intentionally small. It’s also a small miracle”—Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. R. 118 Min.