Scheduled to start Friday, June 14


“A quiet charmer. The plot of Ritesh Batra’s Photograph makes the film sound like a wacky Hollywood rom-com. Rafi scrapes by taking photos of tourists in Mumbai, a job not many steps above costumed superheroes in Times Square. Miloni, a young middle-class woman studying to be an accountant, lets him photograph her on an unhappy, why-not whim. When Rafi’s beloved grandmother comes to visit, Rafi convinces Miloni to pose as his fiancee to satisfy the old woman. You wouldn’t be blamed for cueing Sandra Bullock. But Batra turns a story that sounds tired and goofy into a lovely film with a tone of tender sadness.

Photograph reflects the style evident in Batra’s first film, The Lunchbox (2013), about a lonely older widower and an unhappily married woman who exchange written notes, and his most recent, Our Souls At Night (2017), with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda as late-blooming lovers. Like those earlier films, this is a nuanced, slow-burn, will-they-or-won’t-they romance with humor wafting through the film. In quietly eloquent scenes, it explores not just the emotions of the two apparently mismatched characters, but the personal histories that shape them and the social expectations they confront” —Caryn James, The Hollywood Reporter. In English and in Hindi and Gujarati with English subtitles. PG-13.110 Min.