Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

The widely-adored Opening Night Film at this years MIFF is “truly beautiful. Captures the poetry, humor and drama of wildlife” (Hollywood Reporter.) ,After traveling the world alongside migrating birds and diving the oceans with whales and manta rays, Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, who brought us the wonders of Nature as we’ve never seen them before in Winged Migration and Oceans, return to more familiar ground, the lush green forests and megafauna that emerged across Europe following the last Ice Age. And yet Seasons is just as astonishing and remarkable an experience for its entranced audience, enabling us to see our world as it was not that long ago, but before humans ruled.  Seasons, with its exceptional footage of animals in the wild, is the awe-inspiring and thought-provoking tale of the long and tumultuous shared history that inextricably binds humankind with the natural world, told with the most stunningly lush images you’ve ever seen. It’s our world as we’ve never seen it but always sensed it. In French voiceover with English subtitles. PG. 97 Min.