SMALL ISLANDS, works by Melissa Post van der Burg will be on display at the cinema from February 23 – April 9 as part of the Art in the Lobby exhibition series.

“I feel lucky, as a painter living full-time in Maine, to have these little islands to visit in the summer.  The islands are worlds unto themselves, with interesting, hard-working, hard-living people.  I paint these pictures as a tribute to a different way of life—uncompromisingly physical, brave and challenging—full of life and color.  I often use “hard” edges in the distant backgrounds of my paintings—an abstract or graphic feature in an otherwise realistic style.  I want things to not be totally in sync—there is something slightly out of place, which is meant to add a sense of curiosity.”

The goal of Maine Film Center‘s Art in the Lobby program is to provide an opportunity for Maine visual artists of various ages, media, and styles to exhibit their work in a high-profile venue. Exhibitions run yearround, with a new artist on display every 6-8 weeks.