The Forgotten Kingdom

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Winner! Audience Award 2014 Maine International Film Festival! When Atang returns to his ancestral land of Lesotho, South Africa to bury his father, he reconnects with the mystic landscape and hardships of village life he thought he’d left behind. Writer-director Andrew Mudge crafts an intimate tale of a soul grown used to the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg who must quickly adjust to the more spiritual rhythms of the Basotho people. In Lesotho, Atang meets Dineo, a young schoolteacher he knew as a child, falling in love and rekindling feelings about his people and his past. As their relationship develops, Atang begins to encounter villagers who lead him further on this unexpected, often mystical, journey into his past. Taking his inspiration from the films of David Lynch, John Sayles, and Nicolas Roeg, writer- director Mudge crafts a lyrical, humanist portrait of a young man attempting to find his place in the world, both geographically and spiritually. Mudge’s intent, in his own words, was to create “a quiet, meditative tone that parallels the character arc of the protagonist.” In so doing, Mudge has created an intimate, moving portrait of lives in transition, and the sacrifices people must make in order to connect with each other in a meaningful way. In Southern Soto with English subtitles. Unrated. 96 Min.