The Goonies

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

A group of misfit kids (including such second-generation Hollywoodites as Josh Brolin and Sean Astin) search for buried treasure in a subterranean cavern. They cross the path of lady criminal Mama Fratelli and her outlaw brood. Fortunately, the kids manage to befriend Fratelli’s hideously deformed (but soft-hearted) son who comes to their rescue. From a story by executive producer Steven Spielberg, “The Goonies has every imaginable funhouse flourish. It has crooks, bats, cobwebs, skeletons, a lovable monster, an underground grotto and a treasure hidden by some of the most considerate, clue-loving pirates who ever lived” —Janet Maslin, New York Times. PG. 115 Min.