The Grand Seduction

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“THE GRAND SEDUCTION is adorable. Tickle Head, a down-on-its-luck fishing village in Canada, wants to lure a recycling plant so everyone can get off welfare, but the company requires that the town have a doctor, which it doesn’t. And so the residents, led by Murray (Brendan Gleeson (CALVARY), the perfect anchor for the proceedings), set about trying to persuade a visiting physician to settle in Tickle Head. This involves not only making the town look more appealing than it is but also making it seem to embody all of the doctor’s interests, which are gleaned by eavesdropping on his phone calls. Among other things, residents try to pass themselves off as aficionados of cricket, and the sport may never recover. The movie, a remake of a 2003 French-language film, has an eclectic supporting cast that includes Mark Critch, Gordon Pinsent and Liane Balaban. Under Don McKellar’s direction, they might have you investigating the possibility of relocating to Tickle Head yourself”—New York Times. PG-13. 112 Min.