The Long Shadow

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Director Frances Causey will join us by Skype for a post-screening Q&A! 

“The Long Shadow is a gripping personalized history lesson, with Causey covering salient points, including how economics drove the despicable trading of humans. Her of-the-moment feature couldn’t be more necessary.” –Randy Myers, Mercury News

Directed, produced, written and narrated by Southern born filmmaker Frances Causey, The Long Shadow exposes the true history of slavery in the United States and reveals how the racism pervaded in that era still survives today through the deeper exploration of Causey’s own family history. The film’s producers Sally Holst and Jed Riffe are also from the South and found this subject to be very timely in today’s political climate. “An impressive meditation on slavery” —David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle. Unrated. 91 Min.