The Oranges

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

One of the Top 3 in Audience Award voting at this year’s MIFF! Nina Ostroff (Leighton Meester) doesn’t know it, but coming back for Thanksgiving dinner after five years will turn her family’s and their close friends and neighbors, the Wallings’, lives upside down—but not as much as her own! Though her family hopes she’ll fall in love with the Wallings’ eligible, handsome son Toby (Adam Brody), instead Cupid’s arrows strike Nina and…Toby’s genial dad, David (Hugh Laurie). David’s wife Paige (Catherine Keener) takes this about as well as you might imagine, attacking the family’s Christmas lawn display with her car. THE ORANGES is an amazing combination of the comic and the serious, a gentle satire of the American family that’s simultaneously a sweet appreciation of life’s uncertainties, the power of love and the meaning of friendship and family. The whole thing is knocked home by a pitch-perfect, amazing cast. R. 100 Min.