The Portal

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

THE PORTAL is a documentary created as part of a bold, global vision to shift humanity out of a state of crisis by meditating daily.  It brings to life the stories of six people who overcame great adversity using stillness and mindfulness, inspiring the audience to follow in their footsteps and realize the unique potential that all humans have to change our world–from the inside out. This unique film explores how meditation and mindfulness unlocks inner power, grows compassion for those around you and awakens thirst for change. Supported by insights from some of the world’s foremost futurists–and a robot–the film unfolds as a beautiful, audiovisual spectacle that takes the viewer on their own mindfulness journey through the pain, joy and memory fragments of life. Written and directed by Jacqui Fifer, THE PORTAL opens hearts and minds to an exciting vision for humanity transformed, inviting all 7 billion people to make an enlightened planet. Unrated. 89 Min.