The Red Turtle

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Academy Award Nominee: Best Animated Film!

“A wonderful, wordless, animated marvel”—Kenneth Turan, L.A. Times. The Red Turtle opens with an unnamed man being tossed and turned on a stormy sea, the lone survivor, presumably, of an unseen shipwreck. He washes ashore, Robinson Crusoe-style, on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. Happy to be alive, the man gradually explores his refuge, climbing its highest point, swimming in its coastal pools, discovering plentiful food and water but realizing, except for a Greek chorus of curious sand crabs, that he is completely alone. Determined to leave the island and rejoin the world’s humanity, the man painstakingly builds a raft, slowly joining bamboo stalk to bamboo stalk and even fashioning a serviceable sail. But he doesn’t account for an enormous ocean-going red turtle, which definitely has ideas of its own… “Michael Dudok de Wit’s hypnotizing, entirely dialogue-free The Red Turtle is a fable so simple, so pure, it feels as if it has existed for hundreds of years, like a brilliant shard of sea glass rendered smooth and elegant through generations of retelliing”—Variety. PG. 80 Min.