The Rider

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“An entrancing, deeply moving effort, one that is certain to steal the hearts of audiences.” —The Playlist. “The Rider is a rare gem, a small, acutely observed portrait of a few lives on what used to be the frontier but is now a desolate backwater, the windswept badlands around Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Focusing on a young cowboy whose promising future as a top rodeo rider is suddenly jeopardized by a dreadful head injury, this spare and intimate second feature by Chloé Zhao beautifully captures the way a handful of people stoically deal with the meager hands life has dealt them. The film will definitely gather a robust core of support from viewers happy to turn off the main highway and onto the back roads in search of good work” —The Hollywood Reporter. R. 104 Min.