The Wife

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

The critical excitement has really started for THE WIFE, and in particular, for Glenn Close’s “wonderful star turn, arguably her best ever” (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian). Joan Castleman (Close) is a highly intelligent and still-striking beauty—the perfect devoted wife with 40 years under her belt spent sacrificing her own talent, dreams and ambitions to fan the flames of her charismatic husband Joe (Jonathan Pryce) and his skyrocketing literary career. She has ignored his infidelities and excuses with grace and humor because of his “art.” Their fateful pact has built a marriage upon uneven compromises…and Joan’s reached her breaking point. On the eve of Joe’s Nobel Prize for Literature, the crown jewel in a spectacular body of work, Joan is to confront the biggest sacrifice demand of her life and secret of his career. ” As fraught with drama as this powder keg of heightened circumstances may be, make no mistake, THE WIFE is more than an actor’s showcase. The film itself is superb, a ticking time-bomb of simmering tension which benefits from the audience knowing as little as possible in advance. A rare female-driven film that seems to genuinely understand the psychology of the sex, you might guess that it was conceived by a woman—and you’d be right, twice. Screenwriter Jane Anderson has adapted the novel by Meg Wolitzer with a striking nuance and wealth of subtle shadings that reveal the slow peeling back to the film’s core mystery.” —The Film Stage. R. 100 Min.