Toni Erdmann

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Academy Award Nominee: Best Foreign Language Film!

Winner of the European Film Awards for Best Film, Director, Actress, Actor and Writer! “If you’re looking for the best and most beguiling foreign-language film of the year, you’ll find it in Maren Ade’s Toni Erdmann, a German father-daughter story that will leave you laughing and choking back tears, often simultaneously. Peter Simonischek is perfection as Winfried Conradi, a divorced, semi-retired piano teacher who considers himself a master of disguise. His dog is his best audience, but when the mutt dies, Winfried decides to rebuild his relationship with his only child, Ines (a superb Sandra Hüller). She’s a 30-ish corporate-management exec, the kind who goes ice-cold as she instructs employers how to cut costs by firing people…And so Winfried is off to Bucharest to surprise her. Let me point out that you only think you know where all this is heading. …Ade confounds expectations and blends restraint with absurdist farce in this human comedy that hits you where you live”—Peter Travers, Rolling Stone. In German with English subtitles. R. 162 Min.