Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

1971 Foreign-language Oscar nominee TRISTANA stars Catherine Deneuve as an orphaned young woman who becomes the ward of nobleman Don Lope (Fernando Rey) who seduces her. She leaves him for an artist (Franco Nero), but years later returns to her aging benefactor and calculatingly turns the tables. Roger Ebert noted that “scenes have an almost hypnotic power, because Buñuel himself finds their images so fascinating…is in control of every shot and every scene, and he is having at our subconscious like a surgeon… A powerful director like Buñuel (or Bergman, Fellini, Hitchcock or Satyajit Ray) can open up his mind to us, the way an actress can open up her eyes. It is an experience worth having.” Filmed in Toledo, Spain, it was released in 1970 after protracted skirmishes with censors in Generalissimo Franco’s government. Tristana has been restored by Cohen Film Collection in conjunction with Filmoteca Española, Madrid to its original glory not seen since its original release in 1970. In Spanish with English subtitles. PG. 95 minutes.

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