Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

“A marvelous movie about a struggling mother saved by a millennial Mary Poppins. In Tully, Jason Reitman’s third comedy with screenwriter Diablo Cody after the one-two gems of JUNO and YOUNG ADULT, everything about parenthood is a lie. Marlo (Charlize Theron, terrific) is days away from giving birth to her third child, and she tells everyone things are great. “Such a blessing,” she mutters, almost reflectively—isn’t that what she’s supposed to say? Her husband Drew (Ron Livingston) is totally helpful, her special-needs son Jonah is progressing just fine, and as for the postpartum depression she suffered after Jonah’s birth, Marlo doesn’t mention it at all. In truth, Drew plays video games every night, Jonah is close to getting kicked out of his private school kindergarten, and Marlo’s wealthy brother Craig (Mark Duplass) correctly fears she’s speeding toward another breakdown… Marlo is carrying a lot of weight – figuratively and literally. One night, Craig takes Marlo to his basement tiki bar, pops open a paper umbrella, and announces that he’s bought her a month with a millennial Mary Poppins, a night nurse who will watch the new baby so she can sleep.  And when Tully (a wonderfully bizarre Mackenzie Davis) arrives, this magical hired hand solves everything overnight… Tully was worth the seven year wait since the release of YOUNG ADULT. It’s a marvelous movie about the lies we tell ourselves to stay sane—and the reasons why we might need to tell the truth” —Amy Nicholson, The Guardian. R. 94 Min.