Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

Wow! The most recent Maine International Film Festival in July sold out all of its 800-plus seats for the premiere of this Maine-set, truly funny and warm romantic comedy! Here’s your chance to catch it—or catch it again! Written by Maine native Desi Van Til and directed by current Mainer Sean Mewshaw, Tumbledown is one of the most striking Maine-set films since Oscar nominee In the Bedroom. Stunningly set in the mountains of western Maine around Farmington and Weld, Tumbledown features a stellar cast of great actors, including Rebecca Hall, Jason Sudeikis and Blythe Danner. Hannah, a young widow, finds herself beginning to fall for Andrew, a brash New York writer who barrels into her rural Maine town investigating the death of her husband, folk-music hero Hunter Miles. Hannah is scraping her life back together in a cabin at the foot of Tumbledown mountain, attempting to seal every shred of her husband’s life into a biography. When Andrew, an academic who has a different take on Hunter’s life and death, shows up looking for the truth of this mysterious musician, the pair clash. But gradually they find themselves collaborating to craft Hunter’s story, and beginning to write the next chapter of their lives together. Thoroughly delightful yet drawing on a deep well of real emotion, smartly written and beautifully directed and played, Tumbledown is a film that’s true Maine—and yet absolutely universal. R. 105 Min.