Where Do We Go Now?

Please Note: This film is no longer showing at Railroad Square Cinema

In recent years, the Audience Award for favorite film at the Toronto International Film Festival, perhaps the best film festival in the world today, has gone to eventual Oscar winners such as SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and THE KING’S SPEECH. But the most recent Audience Award went to WHERE DO WE GO NOW?. Find out why! Nadine Labecki’s unique charmer is “Joyous, sentimental and slightly naughty…. A bit of a manufactured girl-power drama? Maybe, but audiences at Cannes followed Nadine Labaki out into the street, cheering…”—Andrew O’Hehir, Salon. “Best defined as a bittersweet crowd-pleaser, the second feature from writer/director/actress Nadine Labaki (Caramel) suggests that she has a real gift for making films about women. We meet her Lebanese as they dance, en masse, to the local graveyard. It’s a place more crowded than it should be, given the battles waged between Christians and Muslims over the years. But these mothers, sisters, and daughters have had enough, and they are determined to protect their tiny village from any further violence. With full support from the town’s priest, imam, and mayor, the ladies are able to impose a tenuous truce. But centuries of religious strife won’t disappear overnight, and it’s clear they can’t ever let their guard down….The women’s efforts—which include some unexpectedly effective musical scenes—are both “entertaining and inspiring..”—Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News. In Arabic and Russian with English subtitles. R. 110 Min.